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The '''Central Conference of American Rabbis''' ('''CCAR'''), founded in 1889 by Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise, is the principal organization of Reform Judaism|Reform rabbis in the United States and Canada. The CCAR is the largest and oldest rabbinical organization in the world.“Supporting Rabbi Richard Jacobs,” Jewish Telegraphic Agency, May 5, 2011 Its current president is Rabbi Denise Eger.Tess Cutler, [ "Rabbi Denise Eger seeks to open doors wider to all Jews"], ''The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles'', March 4, 2015.Rabbi Steven A. Fox is the Chief Executive; he joined CCAR in 2006 and has been leading its transformation. [ Rabbinic Staff] CCAR, accessed Feb 18, 2016 It primarily consists of rabbis educated at Hebrew...
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